The American Universities Pathway Program is built around the core concept of Full-Support Learning. Online learning is great. You can study when it is convenient for you. But online learning without good support doesn’t work long-term for most students. Students feel alone and tend to lose their enthusiasm. Online learning with “full-support” leads to successful learning and goal achievement. With AUPP every student gets “full-support”.

AUPP helps International students like you with every aspect of your academic experience; we’re with you every step of the way!

  • You get help in choosing your courses and building your own career pathway.
  • You get help in registering for your courses and becoming a student enrolled in one of our US colleges or universities. You will not only have the support from AUPP, but also from the college or university you choose.
  • You get access to online, one-on-one tutoring.
  • You get access to an online library.
  • You get your own on site Mentor to provide guidance and help with any problems you encounter with your program.
  • As a student at one of our Centers, you will be part of a local community of students enrolled in the AUPP program
  • Your Mentor will know you well enough to complete a weekly progress report on how you are doing, so that you don’t fall behind in your studies.
  • Expert WEgroup counselors will help you choose a US university that fits you, that is a good match for your demonstrated abilities, and that is within your family’s budget.
  • WEgroup will help you apply to the universities of your choice.
  • WEgroup will help you get a partial scholarship at the US university, whenever possible.

We want you to succeed not only in your studies while in AUPP, but also in your degree studies in the US.

See our Full-Support Course Descriptions:

Looking for more detailed information on WEgroup’s American Universities Pathway Programs (AUPP)? Visit our AUPP website.