Some of our most popular pathway programs are:


WEgroup’s American Universities Pathway Program (AUPP) is designed to help you:

  • Earn your Bachelor’s degree in the USA
  • Start your degree program in your own region and earn up to two years of university credit toward your US Bachelor’s degree
  • Save at least $30,000 a year compared to on-campus students in the USA
  • Improve your chances for acceptance into a highly regarded, accredited US university
  • Improve your chances of visa approval

2+2 Programs

This refers to a special agreement between a US university and a foreign one. You will study one year, possibly more, at the foreign university in your home country, taking a pre-approved curriculum. If you pass all courses, then transfer credit to the US University is guaranteed. Assuming you have demonstrated suitable English proficiency, you’ll take the final two years at the US University, and graduates with degrees from both institutions.

Academic Preparation Programs

These programs may be offered on a US university’s campus or overseas, but always with the university’s oversight. Typically lasting one year, they focus not just on ESL training but on preparing international students for the rigors of US university study: critical thinking, writing, study skills and more. Conditional admission to the university may be guaranteed for qualified participants in the program, or the university may save extra spots for applicants who come from the program. In many cases, students must demonstrate at least intermediate English skills before enrolling in such a program.

HND Progressions to the US

If you have a Higher National Diploma, you could receive advanced standing at a US university! This exciting program offers progression opportunities from the BTEC HND to a US bachelor’s degree program. HND students can earn up to 48 credits toward an American bachelor’s degree. WEgroup partnered with selected US universities to develop standardized progressions for HND students. Instead of evaluating each student’s transcript individually, these universities have already reviewed the complete HND programs and made credit determinations. This means it’s faster and easier for HND students to apply to a US university.

Looking for more detailed information about WEgroup’s Pathway Program? Visit our AUPP website.

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