Conditional admission to a US university means that you have completed all the requirements for admission to a degree program, except one: English proficiency. More and more US universities are offering conditional admission to qualified students who have not taken the English proficiency test. If your grades are strong and your recommendations are favorable, you may be able to earn conditional admission to a US university even without a TOEFL or IELTS score.

WEgroup works with over 45 US universities that offer associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs in over 300 different subjects; conditional admission is available for all associate and bachelor’s programs, and most master’s programs. Most WEgroup universities have ESL programs on their own campus. Others have TOEFL/IELTS waiver agreements with independent language centers nearby allowing you to apply for conditional admission to the university of your choice, and get an I-20 from the language center.

Together with our in-country partners, WEgroup can help you with every aspect of this planning process; choosing a university and major that meets your academic and career goals, guiding you through the Conditional Admission process and Scholarship search and eligibility, while providing you with the necessary application forms to fill out, ensuring your application is complete, and submitting to the university on your behalf. Even after admission, WEgroup continues to work one-on-one with you, sending your immigration documents to you while our in-country partners assist with the visa interview and pre-travel arrangements. WEgroup is here to help students every step of the way!

WEgroup charges a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $150 to cover the administrative costs of processing 2 applications and shipping of acceptance materials. We do not charge any other fee to students for our services, although some of our in-country agency partners may do so. WEgroup requires all of its sub-agents to clearly state their service fees and strictly prohibits them from charging any fees related to student scholarships or financial aid. Please contact us to report any violations of this policy.
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WEgroup has successfully brought thousands of students like you to the US degree studies at accredited American colleges, universities and English language programs across the United States. Interested in learning how we can guide you through the admissions process here in the US? Contact us today to learn how WE can make a difference!