International student recruitment is a continually growing industry, but there are problems inherent in the “retail recruitment” model, in which universities and agencies reach out to individual students in their markets and seek to make the best match.

Articulation agreements, also known as 2+2s, are an increasingly popular way for students to enjoy a streamlined pathway to US study – and for US institutions to control the curriculum and quality of the feeder program(s). By partnering with a foreign university, your institution immediately exposes itself to a regularly renewed audience, and provides the international student with incentive to choose you over another school.

These programs come with several advantages:

  • Review and approve coursework for transfer credit in advance
  • Streamline your applicant review process
  • Build your brand among the staff, student body and community of your partner institution
  • Enjoy access to a constant flow of qualified, upper-division applicants

WEgroup is committed not just to the development and initiation of these programs, but to their continued growth and productivity. Too many institutions have signed promising agreements that, in practice, exist only on paper. WEgroup provides continued oversight of these programs to ensure that they thrive.

Interested in learning how WE can develop a strategy to assist your institution with international recruitment, how we guide students through the admissions process here in the US, or looking for more detailed information on WEgroup’s American Universities Pathway Programs (AUPP)? Visit our AUPP website or contact us today to learn how WE can make a difference.