WEgroup offers a variety of expert consulting services in fields including curriculum design, feasibility studies, accreditation consulting and more. Leveraging WEgroup’s personal and professional connections worldwide, we have developed an effective program development model that brings together teams of top professionals with extraordinary expertise in the areas under consideration.

Through critical analysis of your educational institution’s international goals, current programs and initiatives, strengths, and weaknesses; WEgroup will develop strategies, target niche markets and engage worldwide partnerships to plan and execute all stages of short- and long-term global educational development for your institution.

WEgroup consultants, distinguished administrators from a wide variety of universities, will meet with your key decision-makers to review the outcomes of their interviews and analyses and to present their written recommendations for action. These sessions enable the institution’s leadership to discuss and debate the recommendations with the consultants while information is fresh and expertise readily available.

WEgroup is committed not just to the development and initiation of programs and strategies, but to their continued growth and productivity. Too many institutions have signed promising agreements that, in practice, exist only on paper; WEgroup provides continued oversight to ensure that they thrive.

WE can develop a strategy to assist your institution with international recruitment or help guide students through the admissions process here in the US. Contact us today to learn how WE can make a difference.