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US University Scholarships: Apply through WEgroup

WEgroup holds special agreements with over 30 universities across the United States. The majority of these institutions have agreed to offer partial scholarships to WEgroup students who are qualified for undergraduate admission.

Each university’s policy is different, but the typical undergraduate scholarship amount is 25-35% of tuition. Graduate scholarships exist, but they are fewer in number and lower in amount. There are no full scholarships available for graduate or undergraduate students.

Most undergraduate scholarships are guaranteed to any WEgroup student who meets the university’s requirements for admission. Some undergraduate scholarships, and most graduate scholarships, are predicated upon each student’s academic achievements.

Did you know?
Business and engineering are the most popular majors for international students. See WEgroup’s Business and Engineering programs!

If granted, the scholarship is applied automatically to the student’s tuition bill every semester. It is also reflected on Section 8b of the I-20 as an international scholarship or merit scholarship.

To view each university’s scholarship policy, visit our US universities page and click on the name of the university. You will find up to date scholarship amounts under the heading ‘Current Prices.’

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