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USA University Entry

If you want to attend university in the United States, World Education Group can help.

WEgroup works with more than 65 accredited American colleges, universities and English language programs across the United States. These respected institutions seek international students like you – and our job is to help them find you!

Most WEgroup universities offer conditional admission and partial scholarships of up to 35% annually.

Choose from hundreds of associate, bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs offered by our accredited partners. There are three ways to join our programs:

Direct Admission. If you have completed secondary school or university, and would like to apply for a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD program, we can help you! WEgroup provides counseling services and application assistance. You will be required to submit all necessary entrance exam scores.

ESL + Conditional Admission. Are you qualified in all ways except for English proficiency? WEgroup can help you apply for conditional admission to one of our partner universities, and place you in an ESL program on campus or nearby.

Imagine landing your dream job with an American university degree.

Pathway Programs. Working with partners in the US and abroad, WEgroup is developing pathway programs at all levels. These innovative partnerships enable students to attend particular institutions in their own country with the intention of transferring to a sister school in the US. Often called 2+2 programs or dual degree programs, these are an excellent choice for the student who cannot afford four years in America, or wants a more streamlined path to US study.

WEgroup Credentials

WEgroup is certified by the American International Recruitment Council, which establishes ethical standards and best practices for student recruitment. We are also a founding agency member. For more information about WEgroup’s credentials, copies of our official authorization letters from partner universities are available upon request.

WEgroup Partners
WEgroup works with partner agencies all over the world. Click here to find one in your area.

WEgroup charges only a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $150 to cover the administrative costs of processing your application(s). We do not charge any other fee to students for our services, although some of our in-country agency partners may do so. WEgroup requires all of its sub-agents to clearly state their service fees and strictly prohibits them from charging any fees related to student scholarships or financial aid. Please contact us to report any violations of this policy.

Nondiscrimination Policy
Recruitment and admissions in the U.S. educational context are generally prohibited from discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, or other reasons.

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