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International Audits

  • Would you like to increase your institution’s international enrollment and retention rates?
  • How do you know if your institution is doing enough to attract and retain international students and scholars?
  • Are your international programs in their earliest stages, or not performing to your satisfaction?

WEgroup provides expert evaluation and consultation services to colleges and universities that are eager to improve their international programs and services.

International Audit: Identifying Problems and Solutions

The International Audit is a two-day process that includes an in-depth review and analysis of your international programs, services and operations. Each audit is conducted by a team of two highly qualified WEgroup consultants, all of whom are recognized experts in the field of international education.

Unlike typical consulting processes, which take weeks or months to deliver reports, each International Audit concludes with a “Hot Report” on the third morning. WEgroup consultants meet with your key decision-makers to review the outcomes of their interviews and analyses and to present their written recommendations for action. These sessions enable the institution’s leadership to discuss and debate the recommendations with the consultants while information is fresh and expertise readily available.

Service Categories

WEgroup is prepared to review any or all of the following service categories during the International Audit–you choose what you want to focus on.

  • Student recruitment
  • Admissions
  • Student advising and government regulations
  • Credential evaluation
  • Curriculum initiatives
  • Campus and community programming
  • Faculty & scholar services
  • Intercultural communication & training
  • ESL programs
  • Strategic planning for internationalizing the campus

While study abroad programs and other off-campus initiatives are not included in the International Audit, they can be reviewed through a separate evaluation.

WEgroup Consultants: International Expertise

Our “Hot Reports” are possible because of the up-to-date knowledge and experience our consultants bring to each assignment. Our consultants, some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in international higher education management today, are distinguished administrators from a wide variety of universities. Each one is prepared to assist institutions of any size, complexity and level of international engagement.

For more information about our International Audits, please contact President and CEO Dr. Richard Ferrin

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