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Online Workshop April 15th: Attracting Students with UK Qualifications

Is your institution interested in enrolling international students who have already been studying in English and who as a group have been relatively untapped for the US market? We have partnered with Pearson Education Group to assist learners who have earned official UK qualifications – such as Advanced (A) or International Advanced (IA) Level 3 or the Higher National Diploma Level 5 -, through their learning and exam programs around the world. These students comprise an excellent potential resource for your institution, and we want to present progression pathway opportunities for you to access this global pool of deserving students.

We have scheduled an opportunity for you to learn more about these students and the UK qualifications they are earning. at an online workshop, “Attracting International Students with UK Qualification”, scheduled for Tuesday, April 15, 12pm (EDT). Register now for this informative Online Workshop!

WEgroup partners with Pearson to bring students with UK Credentials to the US

We are excited to announce a breakthrough partnership between WEgroup and Pearson Qualifications International that will enable us to do just that. Tens of thousands of students around the world each year earn UK A level and HND qualifications from Pearson Education Group. Many are interested in completing their Bachelor’s degree education in the US, but until now they have had little help and guidance. Through this new partnership with Pearson we will be working with interested US colleges and universities to help build academic bridges between the UK qualifications these students have earned and the US credit system so that students can earn their degrees here in the US. Contact us today for more information!

American University Pathway Program gets underway.

WEgroup’s newest division American University Pathway Program, AUPP, is designed for students who want an American university degree but who prefer to start that journey at an AUPP Center in their own city. This program enables a student to earn US college credits that will count toward your American Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Visit our AUPP website today for more information!

WEgroup partners with new universities

Meet WEgroup’s newest institutional partners, the University of Idaho, is a land grant institution known internationally for their cutting edge research. In fact, their researchers attract nearly $100 million in funding every year! Scholarships to attend University of Idaho are available through WEgroup for eligible students. The University of New Mexico is located in the heart of Albuquerque and offers almost 200 programs and The Amigo Scholarship to qualified international students. Located in Minnesota, Concordia University Saint Paul, is a Christian liberal arts university founded in 1893. Just one mile from the shores of the beautiful Monterey Bay lies California State University Monterey Bay. CSUMB has the large university possibilities with the intimacy of a smaller university. Check our our universities search feature to find the best fit for you today!

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